Saturday, 18 January 2014

Let's not eat a candy and wear it!

I was wearing:
Mango zebra jacket
Mango dress worn as a skirt
Pull&Bear sweater
Exclusive over-knee boots
Furla Candy Handbag

Good evening my dear friends! I hope that you all had a nice week and ready to enjoy your weekend! Well, this post was shot in Portugal when I have visited that fabulous country in  Christmas holidays a few weeks ago. The truth is that the weather wasn't really cooperating. I was covered most of the time, so it was surprising to wakeup one day in the morning and find a sunny beautiful weather where I could get rid of coats and hats, wear some bright colors and, of course, my new fuschia Furla Candy bag that I got from Lisbon. The colors were all tempting, but I felt that I really wanted to have that bag in that bright "girly girl" color!

What do you think?

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Dora said...

I really love the pink bag! So cute!

Bouchra E said...

Merci Dora and have a nice weekend :*

Dolce Vita said...

Lovely post, that purse is absolutely gorgeous! It adds such a beautiful pop of color, and you look lovely.

I'm so glad I found your blog! If you'd like to follow each other, I'd be happy to keep in touch! Just let me know on my blog :)


Tahra Kham said...

Bravo Bouchra. J'aime ce que tu portes.

Bessana Blue said...

Furla Candy Bags are to die for, you lucky girl <3

the chilicool said...

Great outftit! Lovely pink bag!

Ichraq said...

love your outfit doll, you look amazing! :)

Sol Bela Mele said...

You look so beautiful!
I love the jacket
Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know on my blog so i can follow you back.

Sol Bela Mele said...
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THE ZDAA said...

Great outfit Bouchra (y)
everything is perfect ;)

Bouchra E said...

Thank you lovelies and enjoy the weekend!

Danielle said...

you look great!

xx fameliquorlove

Bouchra E said...

Thank you dear Danielle :*

Skinny Jeans - Blog Mode Marocain said...

The colors go together so weel!


Bouchra E said...

Thank you girls!

B.I said...

Lovely Bag :)

Bouchra E said...

Thank u sweetie!

Tanya WALL officiel said...

trop belle ! En plus j'adore les bottes et les cuissardes :) ♥ très chic sur la photo ♥