Tuesday, 29 April 2014

F For Fuchsia

Dress HERE//Exclusive over-knee boots//Gifted Chanel bag//Mila Shon sunglasses

Can any girl get enough of "girly fuchsia"? Personnally, I can not! This color has always had a magical power of brightening our looks, reinforcing the girly feminine side of each one of us, not to forget liftingup our mood!

Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section :-)

Have a fabulous Wednesday ahead my dear friends!



Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sunny Tartan

 Benetton cardigan//c/o Alice's Pig jumpsuit//Gifted Diamond Dior watch//Koton sunnies//Clarins Orange Fizz lipstick

Last weekend, I had the chance to discover this lovely place near the beach. The weather was quite nice. So, taking some fresh air (and shots ;-)) was "inevitable."

As far as the look is concerned, I wore my new tartan jumpsuit. To be honest with you, I have never had many jumpsuits in my closet, as for some reasons, I have often thought that they don't really match my style. Well,I've changed my mind recently, especially when I saw this tartan jumpsuit, "so British" and comfy at the same time! 

I wish you a fabulous Friday ahead my dear friends!


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Something About Leo

Zara jacket//c/o omg Fashion dress//Zara belt//c/o Max Factor Ruby Tuesday lipstick

Eng: I hope that you're all having a nice week so far my lovely fashionistas! It looks like winter is back to Morocco these days. I took advantage of a few "dry" minutes to  take these shots yesterday. Well, you know me now and you know that I'm a leo...(I'm trying to avoid the word "freak" but Iam in deed!) Above, you can see me wearing my new pencil leopard dress. The dress is embellished with a statement necklace. Hopefully, the weather gets better to get rid of the jackets so that you can see it clearly.

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Keep smiling as there is much to smile about!(isn't it ladies? ;-))



Fr: J'espère que votre semaine se passe bien fashionistas! Apparement, l'hiver est de retour au Maroc ces jours. J'ai profité de quelques minutes "sèches" pour prendre ces photos. Au fait, vous me connaissez maintenat et vous savez que je suis une grande fan de l'imprimé léopard. Sur ces photos, je porte ma nouvelle robe asymmétrique imprimée léopard. La robe est embellie par un collier plastron. Espérant que le climat va s'améliorér pour me débarasser des jackets et vous montrer la robe.

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Gardez votre sourire car la vie est pleine de bonnes surprises! (N'est-ce pas mesdames? ;-)



Sunday, 20 April 2014

Coy Flowers

Blouse  HERE//c/o omg Fashion skirt//c/o Maurizio Taiuti bag//c/o Bourjois Fuchsia Graffiti lipstick

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and I wish you all a nice week ahead!

Thank you for coming by :-)


Sunday, 13 April 2014


Coat HERE//Pierre Cardin sweater// c/o omg Fashion skirt// Guess watch//C&K bag//Koton sunnies//Clarins Orange Fizz lipstick

I wore this outfit yesterday for a walk with a friend in the town. Although the weather is warm and sunny these days during the day, the evenings are quite cold. So, I had my new orange coat with me! I also wore another new item which is the flare skater skirt.

As you might have seen on my Facebook page before yesterday, I shared a similar skirt to the one I'm wearing above from D&G S/S 2014! Actually, I had no idea that it showed on a runway. So, I was surprised and happy to find out that the skirt is very similar to mine ;)

Please, feel free to share your thoughts!

I wish you all a fabulous week ahead my lovely readers :-)

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P.S: Thank you Majdo for taking my pictures!



Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring Kiss

c/o Aupie shirt//H&M leather leggings//Michael Kors Hamilton tote//c/o Blenders sunnies

My cousin has taken these shots for me a few weeks ago in beautiful Marrakesh! Sometimes, the simplest items are the "richest" ones when it comes to matching. This simple kisses shirt is a good example because I can wear it with various bottoms from pencil denim skirts like HERE to leather leggings!

What else can I wear it with? Hum...Let me think and show you in the future ;-)

Have a nice evening my dear friends!

Keep smiling :-)


Saturday, 5 April 2014


Zebra coat  HERE//Exclusive over-knee boots//Gifted Chanel handbag//Chopard sunnies

I had a busy, tiring day running errands and shopping some decoration (my other passion ;-)). So, I'm sorry as I can't write much. I'd like to show you my new zebra coat! You can never go wrong with animal prints, right?

Have a fabulous, terrific weekend my dears readers!

Much love!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sortez vos fleurs! C'est le printemps!

Zara blazer// c/o She She Bon Bon sweatshirt//Zara skirt//Gifted gold earrings//André shoes//Aldo bag

The weather is going back and forth between winter and spring in Morocco these days. So, I took advantage of yesterday's nice weather to wear my new brown chocolate leather skirt that you have just seen in a couple of days HERE Now, I'm hoping to find a similar one in a pastel color!

I never get enough of leather whether it's trendy or not because I think it's forever "à la mode"!

Have a nice evening my friends!