Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beige, Black&Leo

Mango jacket
 Beneton sweater
H&M leggings
Zara pumps
Armani jeans handbag
Prada sunglasses

Let's take a break from the travel diary posts and have a short come back to the regular posts. The weather is really confusing these days in Morocco and it's hard to figure out whether you should leave the house in warm clothes or not. the weather is shifting from rainy to sunny many times aday. Today, it was raining and a little windy which made me think that it would be more secure to head for this garden and a coffee break with a sweater and a jacket. Yet, it was getting a little hot bythe end of the day. 

Well, let me not complain much about the weather as I was wearing three of my most favorite combinations: Black, beige and leopard! The sweater, the jacket and the patent bag are actually new items that I got recently during my trip while I'm sure that the leather leggings and the pumps look more familiar in the blog.

Thank you so much for your comments about the last post! 

Have a fantastic wednesday ahead!

Keep smiling :-)



Chahrazad said...

Nice jacket!


Tahra Kham said...

Lovely jaket and leggings

Tahra Kham said...

I like your eyes sunglasses

Anonymous said...

hello:* regards I like your style:)

Anonymous said...

hello:* regards I like your style:)