Saturday, 18 October 2014

Travel Diary: Au louvre

La Coste Polo
Armel sandals
Mango tote

As I told you in my last post I had to come back for a detailed and fruitful visit inside one of the world's most interesting museums. To be honest with you,  the Monalisa was the main reason of my visit. I was so exited to see that mysterious master piece that is still making a dilemma. 

We spent most of the time at the Italian  pavilion because I'm so interested in The Renaissance and the great achievments in art and history during this era.

P.S: Some pictures were taken by my camera while others were shot by my S4. Unfortunately, the flash is not allowed inside and some places are dark, which explains the difference in light among some pictures.

Have  a fantastic weekend ahead!

Thank you for reading Fashion Earthy Rainbows and keep smiling :-)



Chahrazad said...

Wauw! Beautiful photos.


Tahra Kham said...

Belles photos