Sunday, 5 October 2014

Travel Diary: Un Rouge Parisien

Zara dress
Armel sandals
Prada sunglasses
Max Factor Ruby Tuesday lipstick

I would like to wish you a Happy Feast Al Adha with all the best wishes of love, happiness and succes! 

As I promised you in the last post, today I'm posting the second part of my travel diary from The City of Light. Well, we decided to visit The Louvre the second day in Paris. Yet, I didn't know that it's closed in Tuesday (keep it mind if you would like to go to Paris some day!) So, I had some shots outside and then, we took the touristic bus and visited the most beautiful monuments of the city aaaaand we ended the day in La Fayette! I can't deny that it was the best part of the day as I endedup getting two pairs of Prada sunglasses and some items! The one I'm wearing in that post is one of the pairs I got while the other pair will be present in one of the next blog posts!  Meanwhile, I posted a picture of them in my Facebook page.

Speaking of  sunglasses, I felt more embarrassed than flattered hearing from the employee at the Prada store if I work in the fashion industry because it shows on my style. Well, it 's nice hearing these kind of words from people, but sometimes it makes me a bit sad that I have to disappoint them and myself too saying that I don't!

Certainely, as all of you devoted bloggers, I do feel that blogging about fashion and sharing our passion with readers is a fashion work or even responsibility. "Sailing" in fashion, inspiring other people and helping them feel happy about their appearances is such a joyful and interesting duty.  But, to be honest with you, sometimes I regret not having studied fashion and majored in it academically.
P.S: I'm sorry about the bruises in my leg. Let me assure you that I didn't fall out of a tree :-) It's my sensitive skin's summer allergy!

Have a nice evening dear all and thank you for visiting my blog!




Chahrazad said...

Gorgeous photos dear. That red dress looks stunning on you!


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

beautiful pics!!!

Eleonora Petrella said...

Lovely dress! <3

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