Saturday, 31 January 2015


Gifted Mango sweater//c/o Pretty Guide skirt//c/o Michael Kors watch//Banana Republic bracelet//Zara booties//c/o Jo totes bag HERE //MAC Lady Danger lipstick

Good evening my lovely readers! How was your week and are you enjoying the weekend? As far as I'm concerned, I was happy with the nice and sunny (almost!)weather  this week till this afternoon, when it has suddenly changed to a windy, rainy and cold "mood.

Fortunately, I managed to take tonight's post yesterday afternoon. As you can seen I'm wearing a sequins Mango sweater that was a gift from my mum (among other gifts!) for the new year with my black full skirt and suede spiky booties.  Actually, the post is also featuring my new "Double-duty" bag! I'm calling it so because The Sienna bag that I'm wearing from Jo Totes, is also a camera bag that you can use to carry your camera if you're a blogger or a fan of photography. 

Have a nice evening and keep smiling :-)


Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Mango cape&skirt//Charles&Keith bracelet//Zara booties//Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogramme//Prada sunglasses//MAC Lady Danger lipstick

Good evening my lovely readers! I hope that you have all spent a nice day. This is just aquick post to show you today's look. As you know, camel is  a color that I like  to wear very much in the cold and warm season as well.

Thank you so much for reading Fashion Earthy Rainbows!

Keep smiling :-)


Tuesday, 27 January 2015


c/o Sammy Dress coat//H&M leather leggings//c/o Michael Kors watch//Zara booties//Verde bag//c/o Marc By Marc Jacobs aviators

Good evening my lovely readers! This is just aquick post to show you yesterday's watermelon look!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Keep smiling :-)


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekend Attire

Zara jacket//Sfera shawl//c/o Articles of Society jeans//Charles&Keith leopard bracelet//c/o MK watch//c/o Dainty&Bold bangles//Zara pumps//Pierre Cardin bag//c/o Roberto Cavalli sunglasses via GIARRE HERE

Bonsoir mes chères lectrices! J'espère que vous avez toutes passé un weekend agréable en compagnie de vos proches et vos amis. D'abord, je voudrais m'excuser pour l'absence. Cela fait une semaine que je n'ai pas posté un look à cause du mauvais temps. Alors, j'ai profité de d'une bonne journée ensoleillée aujourd'hui pour prendre quelques photos.

Comme vous pouvez constater sur les photos,je mets un look  simple et convenable pour les weekends. Comme vous me connaissez bien maintenant, vous savez qu'une touche féminine est indispensable à la plupart de mes looks. Donc, j'ai opté pour mon châle en fausse fourrure et mes demi talons léopard pour avoir une allure plus féminine et plus  "audacieuse" bien évidemment.

Je vous souhaite une très bonne semaine!

Gardez votre sourire :-)


Friday, 16 January 2015

Pink Wish

Promod coat//Pierre Cardin scarf//Zara booties//Mango bag//MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick

Since today was rainy, cold and windy,  fucshia seemed like a good choice to liftup the anxiety this weather cause!

Have a fantastic weekend my dear friends and keep smiling :-)


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Travel Diary: Sunny Santorini

If there was a place where I wish I can be be right now, that would certainely be Magical Santorini. In deed, the island is magical with its breathtaking view, tempting simple life and lovely people. To be honest with you, I was a little worry before the trip  that I endup getting bored especially that I've already been to many islands and sometimes you feel anxious and bored of that calm atmosphere that "dominates" islands in general. Fortunately, it wasn't the case at all in Santorini and bytheend, we regreted that we hadn't  planned more days there!

When we were trying to book, we tried to a find a nice hotel or resort in the capital of Santorini, which is Fira. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible as all hotels located in the center were full . We endedup booking in a family hotel in the suburbs of Fira. I couldn't feel more comfortable being surrounded by a family that  makes sure every visitor is comfortable and satisified everytime.

We arrived in Santorini very late coming from Athens. So, there was no way to go discover the island I was eager to visit for so many years, especially that the boat trip to getto Santorini from Athens takes six hours! The next day , after we had a late breakfast, we headed to explore beautiful Santorini. I truly can not express how impressed I was by the amazing landscapes of the island. I could contemplate this "boats meeting" that you see in the pictures  every day without getting bored! We also visited the small shops (and did some shopping!) but unfortunately it was so crowded, which made taking pictures in the streets of Fira so hard! Yet, I took many pictures of the island from the top  and I'm sharing the some of the best I picked with you. 

Thus, don't miss the chance to visit  this captivating island when you can ladies and gentelmen as you would certainely love it!

P.S: Some shots were taken by my professional camera while others were shot by my smart phone.

Thank you for visiting my blog my lovely readers and keep smiling :-)

Much love!


 La Coste polo//c/o Sammy dress skirt//Aldo Flip Flop//Parfois hat//Prada sunglasses
c/o Sister&Sister T-shirt//Zara skirt//c/o MK watch//So chic bracelets//Prada sunglasses