Thursday, 30 July 2015

Traditional In Leo

Diamantine Moroccan wear(Jellaba)//Prada sunglasses//MAC Russian Red lipstick

Good evening my lovely friends! I hope that you're all having a nice summer so far. Our post today was shot the day of "Eid El Fitr". As you can see, I wore a typically  Moroccan wear, that we call Jellaba in Morocco. It's a  traditional wear that ladies can wear on special occasions  and ordinary days at the same time.

As far as my look is concerned, I opted for a bright jellaba that I got from Diamantine earlier.  How can I resist leopard? ;)

Have a nice evening!

Keep smiling :-)



nicoleta buru said...

What a lovely look. Great pictures, hun +_+

Have a great weekend,


Marwa Nejme said...

vive le traditionnel, je pense ça va tout le monde, love it :)
follow back :p