Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Travel Diary: Snowy Istanbul

Journey coat//H&M leggings//Promod gloves//Uggs Australia boots//Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram//c/o Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

Imagine if you travel in winter with "spring clothes" in your suitcase because you thought it would be sunny and warm based on weather forcast and you got shoked with snow when you arrive. This is exactly what happened to me during my last trip to Istanbul, one f my most favorite cities, that I was happy to visit for the fourth time and hopefully not the last one!

We arrived in Istanbul in the evening after a long four and  a half  hour flight. The next day was a little cold but sunny. Unfortunately, it didn't last for a longtime and the storm and snow "invaded" the city from nowhere. I really felt "stuck" and disappointed because I wasn't prepared for that weather at at all. The right solution seemed to go and shop some winter warm clothes in the mall. I endedup getting a few items after two or three trips to some malls and outlets. Believe it or not but most shops seemed to me "appealing" with spring collections rather than winter ones during my search which made it a little hard for me to find the warm items I have been looking for. Bytheway, the pair of Uggs Australia that I'm wearing in these shots  was one of my "emergency purchases". Yet, they got ruined by snow and now I need to find a way to try to fix them.

The shots above were taken at the door of Dolma Pache. Unfortuanely it was closed. So, I took some pictures nearby the palace where you can see the beautiful Bosphorus.

To sumup, never trust the weather in winter(and forcasts! ;)) I really don't like to be wining and complaining about it but I truly wanted  to share my experience honestly and to explain to you the lack of pictures in different sites during my first stay. Yet, I will be making another blog post from Istanbul where you will see the two most important sites of the city.

The next blog post will be from Bodrum!

Have a nice evening!

Keep smiling :)



Desirèe D'Aloia said...

love this city!!!!

Katha said...

Lovely pictures!
Istanbul is a beautiful city :)
xx Katha