Wednesday, 15 June 2016

It bags

As a handbag lover(or junkie in informal language) I have a special love for designer handbags and particularly classic  ones. So, I decided to make a  blog post with the It bags of 2016 and some iconic ones to give you some inspirations f you are buying a bag soon,still saving to get it or someone wants to offer you a birthday present and wants to know the bag you would like to have. 
I started the post with the Gucci Sylvie! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you may already have seen that this bag is on my top wish list! I already called The Gucci store to see if they have it and unfortunately, they have only the small size. So, Iam still debating with my self if I should get it in the small size or opt for another bag on my mind. 

The other bag on my mind is The Lady Dior in the medium size. As you know, I got the mini one (it was a gift from my dear mom actually) last year in black lambskin. Iam sure you have seen it in many posts that I did before. It's one of my most favorite bags in my closet, but I have a "reservation" about the size. So, if Iam getting one soon, I will make sure it's in the medium size. Iam also to get it in a bright color probably.

Speaking of Dior, the newest bag of the brand is the Diorama that you can see in the picture after Lady Dior. To be honest with you, when I first saw the bag, I wasn't really impressed by it. as I think that there is no comparaison between this new Dior creation and Lady Dior or Miss Dior Promenade. With that being said, it remains a personal point of view and I can't deny that I loved it on some fashionistas. Maybe, I didn't like the bag very much it's because I tend to wear more classic things.

Another bag that I have seen on so many fashion bloggers and fashionistas is the Gucci Dyonysus. We all have seen this bag very often lately! Although it showed in many prints, I like the simple Dionysus like the one above in camel. The Gucci Dionysus top handle in less popular but more classy I think.

Louis Vuitton is another luxurious brand that caught our eyes with the famous Capucines this year. 

Iam ending this post with my Louise GM because it's a bag that I own and I can frankly give my opinion about. Although the handbag is not big if you like to carry much stuff with you, it's such a classy and beautiful bag that you can use day and night as a clutch. The golden details are captivating and I got many compliments since I got it a few months ago in dark brown.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and got some handbags inspirations!

Thank you so much for reading Fashion Earthy Rainbows!

Keep smiling :)


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Jewelled Shirt

Herry shirt//Ipekyol pant//Aldo shoes//Dior Lady dior bag//Prada sunglasses

I hope that everyone had a lvely day! Iam sharing with you yesterday's photos. It is no secret for you that I love leather pants and wear them very often. Don't they match almost all our tops from blazers to shirts? As you can see, I wore  a bright jewelled shirt to style my leather pant yesterday. To make this edgy modern look more classic, I opted for black accessories, my newest Aldo shoes and my favorite handbag, my black Lady Dior in lambskin.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and keep smiling ;)