Thursday, 23 February 2017

White Marmont Matelassé

Mango jacket&pant//Charles&Keith booties//Swarovski watch//Gucci Marmont Matelassé//c/o Ray-Ban aviators via Shopbop//Dior Rouge Gradient lipshadow duo 755

Good evening my dear friends! It's rainning cats and dogs today. So, I opted to postpone my shooting and stayed at home working on this post and enjoying a citrus jus and a bean, eggs and avocado salad.

As you may have seen on my social networks, I got the white Gucci Marmont Matelassé recently. This time getting a designer bag wasn't easy at all! I was planning to get a Diorama in grey and after I had failed to find the color in the Dior store in Casablanca, the lovely salesman suggested to order it for me, which I happily accepted. The days following my trip to Casablanca, I have started to change my mind and got less interest in the Diorama. To be honest with you, I have never been very interested in getting the Diorama bag. I really like it and I know that it is loved and owned by many ladies but, I  do not think that it really reflects my style and personality like Ladydior for instance! 

When I was contated by the salesman at Dior to come and get the bag, I gave it a second  and last thought and then, I was very sure that it's not the bag I want to add to my handbags collection. So, I apologized from the salesman and he was too sweet to tell me that I don't even have to apologize for it. The day after, I took another trip to Casablanca and headed to Gucci. Actually, I had both the Gucci Marmont Matelassé and Gucci Sylvie on mind. When I asked to try them both, I was told that the white  Sylvie was sold the day before, which made me somehow relieved because it made the choice obvious to me. The only thing I was hesitating about is the color. In the past, all my white bags endedup ruined evenif I used to take good care of them. So, I wasn't sure if buying this color is the right choice. Ultimately, I decided to go for it because the bag didn't appeal to me in black and I prefered to get the color I want rather than regret it later. I truly think that this bag reflects my feminine style and tendency with its structure, shape and spacy size!
As far as the post is concerned, I did this shooting yesterday. It was weirdly sunny but cloudy too! I matched my new Marmont with my brown suede jacket, white pant and cognac booties.  

Have a wonderful evening!

Thank you so much for reading Fashion Earthy Rainbows

Keep smiling :)  


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