Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I finally found you!

Zara jacket&sweater//Mango jeans//Adidas sneackers//Dior Ladydior handbag//Ray-Ban clubmasters//Dior Rouge Gradient lipshadow 755
I have been looking for these Adidas Super Star sneakers Iam wearing in this post in every Adidas store I came across in Morocco, may it be in Rabat, Marrakesh or Casablanca! I even asked about it during my winter trip in Prague and Vienna in vain! The white pairs stripped in black have always been sold out especially that my shoes'size is 38, which is one of the most sold out sizes.

Last week, I asked about the famous pair in Adidas store at the mall when I went to get my LadyDior bag and I got the same reply as usual! So, I continued my shopping and decided not to ask about it again because I was fedup of asking the same answer everytime and getting disappointed.  

When I finished my shopping and was heading to the exit, I came across Courrir shop. So, I came inside to check some Nike leggings and  randomly asked the agent if they have it and he said yes we do! I smiled to his reply because I thought for a while that he was kidding as I just asked them the same question a couple of weeks ago! So, I told him that he hasn't even asked about my shoes' size yet. He told me not to worry because they just have received these sneakers in every size a few days ago! I was very happy especially that I found the pair when I expected it the least!

Because I was excited to get it, I wore my sneakers the day after with my new Mango jeans and my classic Lady Dior handbag to add a feminine touch to this informal simple outfit. Now, it is your turn to tell me your opinions about it!

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