Friday, 5 May 2017

Pochette Metis

Good evening my dear friends and readers! I hope that you have had a lovely week!  Iam excited to be sharing with you my first post with my newest Pochette Metis, that you might  have already seen on my social networks. Sometimes, getting the items that you love might be a little hard than it seems to be especially when it comes to designer pieces!

A few months ago, I decide to sell my large Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram because I thought that it was too big for me as I don't carry many things in my handbag and because I started to have my eyes on The Pochette Metis, which I think is more modern, chic and feminine. So, in my opinion, it was useless to keep two bags with the same prints! Yet, the "hunt" for The Metis wasn't easy at all! In the last few months, I used to call The Louis Vuitton store in Casablanca from time to time to check if the bag is in stock again, but the answer was always negative and I lately, I was told that they are going to order a few ones from France but that it will take sometime.

A few weeks ago, I messaged a lovely lady from Louis Vuitton, who has already helped me with some purchases there, and asked about The Metis. She told me that they will have 5 in stock after two or three days and that I have to come and get it as soon as possible because the demand on the bag is high and the waiting list is long! As much as I wanted to get the bag, it wasn't possible for me that week because I was going to travel to Marrakesh with some ladies from my family. So, I messaged her back explaining that, but she said that she is sorry as the manager wouldn't accept as there are many ladies who want the "famous" bag. I even asked if they can send it to The Louis Vuitton store in Marrakesh but it wasn't possible too and I started to feel disappointed because I won't have the bag! Finally, the sweet lady "surrended" to my calls to keep the Metis for me. She obviously realised how much I want it. I couldn't be more excited to hear that she accepted to keep one for me! So, I got the bag as you can see and I can't wait to style it differently to inspire you my dear readers if you want to wear yours or a similar bag that you own.

As far as this look is concerned, last week I wore my new Zara coat that I like (and want!) in pink too with my white skinny jeans, my  nude shoes and my new Metis. It is a classic look with a modern "fresh" touch. As you know, I like wearing classic items but in a way that makes my outfit modern and simple. I think it's a look that you can adopt at work or even for a coffee date with your husband, boyfriend or friends.

Have a nice evening and a wonderful weekend ahead!

Thank you for reading Fashion Earthy Rainbows and keep smiling :)

Iam wearing:
 Zara coat HERE 
Mango jeans
Aldo shoes
Gucci belt HERE
Guess watch
Swarovski bracelets
LV Pochette Metis HERE 
Prada sunglasses

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